A Comprehensive How To

We are all struggling to hold on. Here’s some focused ideas on how to use your time and energy



How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage In a Trump World

If we live in a perpetual state of outrage, Trump wins.



Finding Steady Ground

To be in shape for the long haul, we have to get our minds and spirits ready, as well as jump into action. Learn seven behaviors to strengthen yourself, and sign up for reminders and encouragment.



Self-Care Questions

A great list of questions to ask yourself before giving up.



Interactive Self Care Guide

A great way to check in with yourself and work on feeling better in stages and concrete steps.



Take a Break

This tool challenges you to do nothing at all for two minutes.



Ambient Sounds

Whether you need to focus or just need to feel like you’re somewhere safe, the Hufflepuff common room is a great group of sounds to insulate you against the outside world. There are other mixers available here, but this is a favorite.



Self Holding Guide

Specifically geared to those who grapple with PTSD, this self-holding guide is helpful for anyone who needs to take a minute to get in touch with where they are in their body. If no one else can hug you, you can hug you.



A Boost

If you need a pep talk, this is a pretty excellent one.



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Breathe with this GIF

If you find yourself unable to take a deep breath, try synchronizing your breath with this gif.



Glue One Thing To Another

“Sometimes we are so confused and sad that all we can do is glue one thing to another. Use white glue and paper from the trash, glue paper onto paper, glue scraps and bits of fabric, have a tragic movie playing in the background, have a comforting drink nearby, let the thing you are doing be nothing, you are making nothing at all, you are just keeping your hands in motion, putting one thing down and then the next thing down and sometimes crying in between.”
Lynda Barry


Quick List:
    •    Dance Party
    •    Hug a friend
    •    Volunteer at an animal shelter
    •    Get a Mani
    •    Write a paper letter
    •    Make coffee plans with a friend
    •    Surprise someone
    •    Buy yourself flowers
    •    Light a candle
    •    Meditation/Prayer
    •    Re-watch your fave videos on YouTube
    •    Reread your favorite childhood book
    •    Look at pictures of Space online
    •    Listen to your favorite music
    •    Hug an animal friend