Dissidents who have lived through autocracies, like Russian author Masha Gessen, caution us that autocratic regimes are difficult to resist in the long term, and quickly become normal. They advise that we keep a list of things that are “not normal” and document changing norms. Several activists are compiling lists and we are aggregating them here so they’re all in one place.

For a daily look at what is happening with the administration, follow and subscribe to Matt Kiser’s What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

Activist Valerie Aurora has created a Signs of Fascism spreadsheet to score things as they occur. Follow her for more on her work and for updates to the spreadsheet.

Amy Siskind is keeping a fantastic, and very thorough weekly list over on Medium.

APRIL 10, 2017
Week 21.

  • The new overlords at the EPA are proposing cuts to programs that educate about the dangers of lead, at a time when 38 million U.S. homes contain lead-based paint.

APRIL 3, 2017
Week 20.

MARCH 27, 2017
Week 19.

MARCH 20, 2017
Week 18. 

MARCH 13, 2017
Week 17. 

March 7, 2017
Week 16.

February 26, 2017.
Week 15.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

February 19, 2017.
Week 14.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

February 12, 2017.
Week 13.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

  • Some Things We’ve Already Normalized:

    • The first family is not living in the White House.

    • Trump is not receiving daily intelligence briefings.

    • Trump remains an Executive Producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

    • Media coverage of Trump includes images of his tweets.

    • Our Secretary of State is a former CEO of Exxon, who has close ties to Putin, and no government or diplomatic experience.

February 5, 2017.
Week 12.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

January 28, 2017.
Week 11.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


January 21, 2017.
Week 10.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


January 14, 2017.
Week 9.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


January 7, 2017.
Week 8.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


December 31, 2016.
Week 7.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


December 24, 2016.
Week 6.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


December 17, 2016.
Week 5.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


December 11, 2016.
Week 4.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

  • This was the week of Trump silencing dissent:the arts (comedy) — a tweet attacking Baldwin, and calling SNL “unwatchable.”

    • corporate America — Trump sent a false tweet about the cost of Air Force One after Boeing’s CEO spoke out against starting a trade war with China. Boeing stock cratered.

    • private citizens — Trump’s tweet at union leader Chuck Jones, after Jones spoke out on the Carrier deal, led to death threats against Jones.

    • protest march — Trump tried to squash the Million Women March by changing permitting. A new location was found.

    • Variety reported that Trump will continue in his role as Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice. 2 days later, Trump called it “fake news” and blamed CNN.


  • NBC, host of Celebrity Apprentice, also had refused to release tapes of Trump rumored to be damaging during the election.

  • WAPO reported on a CIA report which claimed Putin interfered in our election to help Trump win. Trump’s response amounted to defending Russia, and questioning the CIA’s capabilities.

  • According to WAPO, Mitch McConnell had refused to allow the CIA report out before the election. McConnell’s wife was appointed by Trump to a cabinet position.

  • The next day, Trump appointed Exxon CEO Tillerson as SoS. Tillerson has no experience with government or diplomacy, but has a close relationship with Putin.

  • In responding to why he has availed himself of only 4 of 31 intelligence briefings, Trump responded, “I’m, like, a smart person.”

  • Attacks against Muslim Americans were reported nationwide, including a Congresswoman in DC, and a teenager in New York.

  • An Atlantic article titled, “Are Jews White,” drew a response by former KKK leader, David Duke.

  • Trump is seeking ways to include both his daughter and son-in-law in his administration, despite laws to the contrary.

  • Trump appointed 3 generals into leadership positions in his cabinet — a disturbing trend, indicative of authoritarian leadership.

  • Trump appointed another Goldman Sachs executive into a major leadership role. GS stock is up 33% since election day, and composes 1/3 of the DJIA’s rise.

  • Trump invited celebrity types on the environment — Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio — for well-promoted, reality-tv-like meetings at Trump Tower, while appointing an EPA head who doesn’t believe in climate change.

  • The RNC will hold it’s holiday party at a Trump Hotel (and pay him for it). Several GOP appendages are doing the same.

  • Trump continues to keep full ownership of his businesses, brushing off the need to explain conflicts of interest.

  • Trump economic team is all men and all white. Five of the 13 are named Steven or Stephen.

  • Mark Burnett will help Trump plan the inauguration, with a reality-tv type build-up.

  • Rudy Giuliani “withdrew” his candidacy for a cabinet position, and the lawyer of “Woman in Gold” fame, filed under the FOIA for Giuliani’s connection to the FBI’s search warrant.

  • Trump changed his iconic hat from, “Make America Great Again” to simply “USA.” Said hat is sold exclusively by Trump for $40.

  • Trump put out his first policy related post on Facebook.

  • Trump continues his Victory Tours in states he won.

  • Trump, with the help of the GOP apparatus, shut down the recount efforts in MI, where he won by 10k votes out of 4.8 million cast, with many anomalies. Efforts to do the same in WI, failed. Efforts in PA also have led to recount efforts being stifled.

December 3, 2016.
Week 3.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


November 26, 2016.
Week 2.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:


November 20, 2016.
Week 1.

Update from the ever-thorough Amy Siskind:

  • Steve Bannon received $376k from a small Foundation in Tallahassee to pay a salary for his work at Breidbart.

  • Acts of hate — for the first 400 per SPLC, I could name many that I had seen covered by the media. Then I noticed the count exceeded 700, and I realized I knew very little about those additional 300.

  • Reporters critique their own paper’s coverage of Trump, then delete it (see below tweet which disappeared overnight, after 2k+ retweets).

  • A president-elect is openly (on Twitter!) trying to take away our freedom of expressions, First Amendment rights: targets this week include SNL, NYT and Hamilton.

  • The media, including traditional media, covered an alt-right conference and published their demands, which included a ban on immigration for 50 years of anyone not white, and an all white nation.

  • Major media following Trump’s reality show storylines, instead of reporting as traditional media/journalism.

  • Democrats advocating for a Mitt Romney appointment to SOS — a man with whom we agree on almost nothing on policy, but because he is competent and not a racist or a bigot.

  • The pace of untraditional, unorthodox acts, and conflicts of interest by Trump are coming so fast and furious, they’re barely getting coverage.

  • Utter outrage by the left at the complacency and largely silence of our elected leaders. Watch of a Tea Party-esque type uprising.

  • A request for tolerance for, and understanding of, white supremacists.