ISSUE 09 |  March 27, 2017


Be an Ally to Trans Folks
Friday, March 31st is the third annual International Trans Visibility Day. The event, coordinated by Trans Student Education Resource (TSER), “is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community.” Help celebrate the trans community by doing these suggested actions:

You should also call your rep about making sure that our public education system is safe for and inclusive of trans children.

Keep Up the “No on Gorsuch” Pressure
With the failure of the American Health Care Act last Friday, we’ve seen the power of civic pressure on our representatives. Keep calling, faxing, emailing, and showing up insisting on your senator’s opposition to Gorsuch’s confirmation.

If you didn’t check it out when we posted it last week, the Indivisible Guide’s page on resisting Gorsuch is super useful.

Stand with Standing Rock
The battle to fight back against the Keystone XL Pipeline is not over! Though 45 has signed his approval, we still need approval from the states along the pipeline.

You can donate directly to support The Oceti Sakowin Camp here or here.

You can also support the Sierra Club's campaigns to divestpetition states, and push for the environmental impact statement to be completed.


Make Your Bookshelf (or Kindle) Trans Inclusive
Representation matters. Check out these must read lists:

Screen Time with Trans Folks
Representation matters, and allyship is about centering marginalized voices. The following link to content created by and about trans folks, plus they are just good watching.

“Being LGBT is innovative, in and of itself. In a heteronormative world, we’ve managed to be here, collectively sharing our resources, struggles, successes and our visions for a more just and compassionate world.” Geena Rocero

Take a second to stop and celebrate! Yes, there's still a lot of fighting to do, but it's important to appreciate the wins when they come. Thanks to all our phone calls, town halls and protests, Republicans were not able to pass their disastrous healthcare bill! Turn on some music and have a little dance party! Might we suggest the soundtrack to Hamilton? Or blast this old chestnut to remind yourself that we can keep fighting.

Get Some Vitamin D
Enjoy the weather. Has the weather gotten a little warmer where you are too? It's okay to go outside! Take a walk that isn't a protest. Check out one of these wheelchair accessible hikes. Ride your bike! Enjoy the nicer weather and get some vitamin D!

“I believe in Liberty for all men: the space to stretch their arms and their souls, the right to breathe and the right to vote, the freedom to choose their friends, enjoy the sunshine, and ride on the railroads, uncursed by color; thinking, dreaming, working as they will in a kingdom of beauty and love.” W. E. B. Du Bois