ISSUE 08 |  March 20, 2017


Oppose Gorsuch
Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch begin on Monday 3/20. Call your senator and ask them to oppose Gorsuch’s appointment. The folks at Indivisible have some great background info and suggestions about ways to resist Gorsuch.

Say “Heck No” to 45’s Budget
Call all your representatives to express support for the agencies Trump wants to defund. Ask them to vote against any budget that does not fully fund the EPA, public education, federal arts programming, scientific research into climate change... if there’s an issue you care about, it's probably on the chopping block. Speak up! You can also let them know you support the National Endowment for the Arts here.

Share Your Healthcare Story
The White House is collecting Obamacare stories in the hopes of getting lots of anti-ACA anecdotes. If you have been positively impacted by Obamacare, let this administration know its value for you and your family.

Back Financially Progressive Democrats
A study done by the Roosevelt Institute says that Trump supporters in swing states like Michigan, who went Obama in ‘08 and ‘12, are open to Democrats who want to fight corporate tax breaks and Wall Street deregulation. The study indicates that one way for Democrats to win back these voters is by hammering Trump on his cabinet’s position on cuts to Social Security and Medicare. It all starts with upcoming special elections to replace Trump appointees and other members of Congress and the state houses. Study up on the progressive candidates and donate or volunteer.


Story Time with Ruth
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may she live forever, turned 84 last week. Here’s a collection of some of her best quotes to inspire and amuse. For some more in-depth reading check out her autobiography, or the playful biography the  Notorious RBG. For kids, check out I Dissent.

Support the Arts In Your Community
Support local artists in your community. Go see a play, attend a concert, go to a museum, buy a piece of art, or simply donate to an NEA state or regional artistic organization.

Listen to NPR
Like your news unbiased, and incredibly well researched? Tune in to NPR, and if you can, toss them a few donation dollars. They provide a vital service to our democracy and we need them around. Plus, it’s often just fun listening. Check out a few shows that we love, like Fresh Air with Terry GrossLatino USA,  Planet MoneyCode Switch, or Ask Me Another hosted by Ophira Eisenburg. Subscribe, download, and listen while you do your housework, or on your way to work!

Start a Mutual Aid Project
With so much funding for the underserved being under threat, consider starting a mutual aid project with some of your friends to help support and protect the people in your community. Check out this site for inspiration.

Affordable Self Care Acts
We love this list of self care actions that you can do for free or on a limited budget.