ISSUE 06 |  March 7, 2017


Make sure you’ve got your rep’s info
So much activism these days involves contacting your representatives. If you haven’t jotted that info down yet, text your zip code to 520-200-2223 to get a text back with contact info for both your Federal and State representatives. Bonus: Save that info in your phone to make future calls even easier.

Spend an hour doing some research on the issues happening near you - city, county, state. We have to keep the pressure on nationally, but while we are focused nationally, state politicians may be pulling dirty tricks behind our backs. Subscribe to your local paper and keep an eye on your hometown.

Fight Deregulation
Trump wants to make good on campaign promises to roll back parts of Dodd-Frank that prevent banks from making risky investments (what got us into the 2008 financial crisis). Most economists think this is a bad idea. He also wants to push of the implementation of the “fiduciary rule” set to roll out in April. The rule requires financial  planners to put client interests first above their own gains. Fortunately (or unfortunately since the GOP controls Congress) Trump can’t do a lot without Congress, so call your rep and tell them to fight to keep these regulations in place.

Keeping the best parts of Obama's plan, but not funding them doesn't help anyone. Least of all the poor and middle class people who will no longer be able to afford coverage under the republican plan. Here’s some things to do to resist TrumpCare:

Call all your reps and vulnerable Republican reps in other states to demand a healthcare plan that's actually funded. The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans stand on ObamaCare repeal plan

Follow the Center For American Progress Action Fund on Twitter (@CAPAction) for tips on how to push back.

Use one of these tools to find a local event to resist in community: Resistance Near MeThe Resistance Calendar

Make your voice heard about how how the ACA has helped you. Share your story with Families USA and ACA Works.


Remember that you are loved
In these trying times, it's important to remember that you are loved. Give yourself or someone you love a care package like the ones offered at FAWN gifts. Bonus: $5 from every care box purchased from FAWN goes to Suicide Prevention Services of America.

Connect with your community to give back
A lot of the most vulnerable people in our society are supported by actions and organizing at the local level. Poke around on Facebook and find out what community groups are working on issues that matter to you and connect with them on social media. Consider adding a community focused event (rally, fundraiser, city council meeting, volunteer event, etc.) to your social calendar.

Get Your Money Right
Start planning for your financial future by looking for ethical investment funds -- from investing in sustainable energies to social conscious companies. If you do have a financial planner, talk to them about these new rollbacks and make sure they are working for your best interests.

Take care of your body
If you have access to healthcare, schedule your next routine appointments. Make sure you’re up to date on all your screenings and vaccines.

Treat yourself to a massage, an acupuncture appointment, or a visit to the chiropractor.

Add a 10 minute self care exercise activity to your day - something that is fun with no stress - like a mini dance party to our for the times playlist.

Take a yoga class anywhere with this app. Or take some time to meditate.  You can get your “ohm” on right in your home or office. If it’s a nice day, treat yourself to some vitamin D and do it outside.

“Healthcare should be between the doctor and the patient. And if the doctor says something needs to be done, the government should guarantee it gets paid for.” - Michael Moore