ISSUE 04|  February 20, 2017

Congress is in recess February 18-26th and members will be back home in their districts. This is an important time to make your voice heard.

U.S. House Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Diane Black were forced to answer tough, direct questions from their constituents at their district town halls in Utah and Tennessee, respectively, this week. Hold your local representatives accountable at their upcoming in-person events.  The Town Hall Project 2018 is maintaining a list of these events. Attend often and vocally!  

The Indivisible Guide has a searchable directory of local Indivisible action groups. Join one in your area, and follow Indivisible on Twitter to learn about the actions that groups are taking across the country.  

If your representatives are already mostly doing what you’d like them to do, keep showing up at their town halls but also adopt a red district nearby. We’re switching into long-term activism mode now.


It’s recess week! As your representatives return home this week, we’d like to once again highlight The Town Hall Project, which just launched a new website to help you track upcoming events in your area.

  • If your rep is one of the over 200 not having town halls this recess, the folks at the Indivisible Guide have you covered. They recommend first reaching out to confirm there will be no town hall. If you get no response, reach out to your local paper and let them know that you’ve reached out with no reply. Having bad press is sure to illicit a response.
  • While Congress takes a recess, use this relative break in activity to brush up on your civics with the podcasts Civics 101 from New Hampshire Public Radio and The Washington Post’s “Can He Do That?”

In light of Scott Pruitt’s confirmation as head of the EPA, we need to be more vigilant about protecting our environment, climate, and wildlife. Here are some actions to take this week.

While the courts denied Trump’s appeal to reinstate the travel ban, it looks like he’s got a new executive order in the works. And with stories like this starting to surface, taking action to help refugees is needed now more than ever. This guide includes lots of information about how to assist refugees. It’s broken down into the following categories: hosting, Volunteering, Teenage Activists, Donating, and Advocacy.

With Republicans holding the majority across the House and Senate, electing progressives is a priority for many of us. So, how many Democrats are needed to retake the House of Representatives? The magic number is 24. Georgia’s 6th District is first up to bat with a special election to fill newly confirmed Health Secretary Tom Price’s seat. With an endorsement by civil rights leader and Georgia Representative John Lewis, Democrat Jon Ossof stands the best chance to defeat a virtual herd of Republicans vying for the position. You can take action by donating to Ossof’s campaign. The first of the two ballots or the  “jungle primary” (where all candidates, regardless of party are on the same ballot with the top two vote getters then competing on the second ballot) is slated for April 18,  just in time to put some of your tax return to good use. The second ballot  is set for June 20.



We’re inspired by the creativity behind this website calling out Congressman Paul Cook for not holding town halls in his district in California. Since he’s a missing person, they’ve started a search for him and put stickers of his face on milk cartons in his district. This week, think about how you can put your creativity and artistic skills to use for the Resistance.  From making beautiful protest signs (we have a few examples you can download here) to knitting pussy hats, making art can be both therapeutic and politically powerful.

Do something positive for yourself and the environment this week!

  • Carpool or take public transportation with a friend.
  • Buy yourself a reusable water bottle in a color or pattern that you’ll be excited to use.
  • Prepare a healthy, meatless meal.  We’ve enjoyed meatless recipes from A Couple Cooks and vegan recipes from Oh She Glows and Simple Veganista.
  • Check out this article and see which pieces of plastics you can quit today.

To celebrate all that science can accomplish, spend a few hours at a local science museum like the Exploratorium or the Academy of Science in San Francisco, the Museum of Science in Boston, or Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Here is a list of some of the best science museums across the country (and a few internationally).

As spring approaches, go on a nature walk. If you're feeling adventurous, try an epic day hike like one of these, or just strap on some walking shoes and enjoy your neighborhood or a local park.

We love this article about how to create a Bad Moment Bag to help you during low moments.