Issue 13 | May 15, 2017

Defend one of our most important democratic institutions against attack from the White House.

Demand total independence for the investigation into Russia/White House Ties.

Challenge Sessions' unjust instructions to his US Attorneys. This is a civil rights issue that needs our support.




Flash-Mob Spells Out ‘RESIST!’ Next To Trump California Golf Course
Indivisible San Pedro pulled off a protest at Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes in California this past weekend. The event was orchestrated with minimal funds, but lots of manpower, using their bodies to spell “RESIST”. They worked so quickly that it happened before any of the Trump people knew what hit ‘em.

Schumer: No FBI director until special prosecutor named
In a show of solidarity, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined other Democrats in saying he would support blocking any nominee that the president puts forward to replace James Comedy until an independent investigator is named.

Morale is down, but federal employees remain dedicated to their agency missions
While two-thirds of federal employees surveyed reported low morale, feeling that the current administration is either not supporting or standing in the way of their department’s missions, over three quarters all say they plan to stay in their jobs, siting the need to contribute to their agency’s mission as a top reason.

Is it time for Trump staff to lawyer up?
With subpoenas flying out left and right, experts in D.C. scandals think it is time for the president’s men to lawyer up. White collar defense attorneys say that usually in scandals and subsequent cover ups it is usually mid to low level employees that take the biggest hit.


A reporter was arrested Thursday in West Virginia after he asked Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price the same question repeatedly. The question?  He wanted to know whether or not domestic violence was going to be considered a pre-existing condition under the new healthcare act.

Dissidents who have lived through autocracies, like Russian author Masha Gessen, caution us that autocratic regimes are difficult to resist in the long term, and quickly become normal. They advise that we keep a list of things that are “not normal” (aka nopes) and document changing norms. Check out Amy Siskind's brilliantly comprehensive weekly collection of nopes.