Issue 12 | May 8, 2017

Demand justice for 15 year old Jordan Edwards, who was murdered by police. #blacklivesmatter

45's largely symbolic religious liberty executive order threatens the freedoms of many Americans.

The AHCA is bad for health, and Americans. Let's let our government know that we will not go back.



Macron Beats Far Right LePen in French Presidential Elections
Seen as a defeat of the kind of rhetoric that bore Brexit and Trump, Emmanuel Macron defeated far right candidate Marine Le Pen to be France’s next president. For a while, it looked as though France was going to elect Le Pen, who had the backing of Putin and Trump. But with a victory of 65% of the vote, Macro, 39,  becomes the youngest president in French history.

May Day Protests Turn Out Record Numbers
On May 1st, workers around the country took the day off to march for labor and immigration rights. It was touted as one of the biggest turnouts for May Day in U.S. history.

Bill Shine Out As Fox News President
While Shine was never implicated in allegations of sexual harassment, many ex-employees accused the cable news network’s former president of covering up allegations against news personalities like the recently departed Bill O’Reilly.

NPR, PBS and Arts Funding Safe For Now
Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts, NPR and PBS are safe for now as Congress just passed its budget for this fiscal year which ends in October. After that, the giant slashes to arts and huge boosts in defense spending will be back on the table.


In a week filled with terrible legislation and rhetoric, the story of the protester charged with trying to “impede or disrupt” and “cause a scene”  because she laughed during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing is our “Nope of the Week” because it sets a scary precedent for how this administration is going to deal with opposition from citizens.

Dissidents who have lived through autocracies, like Russian author Masha Gessen, caution us that autocratic regimes are difficult to resist in the long term, and quickly become normal. They advise that we keep a list of things that are “not normal” (aka nopes) and document changing norms. Check out Amy Suskind's brilliantly comprehensive weekly collection of nopes.


Omar Jadwat, Director of the Immigrants Rights Project for the ACLU

@omarjadwat -

Recently, Omar Jadwat has been a rockstar, battling 45's "Muslim Ban" executive order since February. In fact, he was one of the first lawyers on the scene back when the executive order first came down, going to the federal courthouse in Brooklyn to get the emergency stay, that eventually led to the EO being blocked.

Jadwat has dedicated his career to helping immigrants, the poor, homeless, elderly, and those who have been deprived of their civil and human rights.