The right to vote is a fundamental part of our democracy. Over the past decade, twenty states have implemented new laws that restrict voting. These measures often prevent citizens from having equal access to voting, especially people of color. Voter fraud is often used as justification for these restrictions, even though it has been thoroughly studied and is extremely rare.

The fight to protect and expand voting rights can’t happen only in election years. We support organizations and actions that strive to protect voting rights, combat voter disenfranchisement, and insure that elections are easily accessible to all citizens.  

Fight against voting restrictions in your state

  • Educate yourself about restrictive voting procedures used in 2016 with this guide from Advancement Project.
  • Check the Brennan Center’s list of states implementing laws in 2017 to require strict voter ID or purge registration rolls. Contact your reps to oppose these measures.
  • Write a letter to the editor about Voter ID laws with this guide from Spread the Vote.
  • Learn about felon disenfranchisement laws in your state with this guide from the ACLU, and support efforts to repeal these laws.

Support efforts to expand voter registration and accessibility.

  • Familiarize yourself with this list of reforms to modernize voter registration from the Brennan Center.
  • Call your reps to express your support for the Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017, which was recently introduced in Congress.
  • These states are also considering bills that would implement automatic voter registration. Call your state reps, too.
  • Support efforts to expand online voter registration and make registration sites accessible to people with disabilities.

Support fair redistricting efforts.

  • Learn more about redistricting with these excellent resources from FairVote and Loyola Law Professor Justin Levitt.
  • Donate to one of the below organizations to help with litigation and advocacy costs associated with gerrymandering cases.

Practice self-care as elections approach and in their aftermath.

  • Watch returns with friends to provide each other emotional support.
  • Take social media breaks as needed to protect your mental health before and after elections.
  • Engage in sustainable, long-term activism.

Engage in the electoral process.

  • Follow these steps to volunteer as a poll worker.
  • Join a voter registration drive with Rock the Vote or The League of Women Voter Local Leagues.
  • Spread the word about National Voter Registration Day on September 26, 2017.
  • Throw a “Ballot Party” with friends who live near you to talk through the city, county, and state initiatives that affect your community.
  • Reach out to folks running in your local elections to make sure they represent your values. Make them earn your vote.
  • Involve your children in the election process to teach them the power of an active, engaged citizenry.
  • Vote, and wear your “I Voted Sticker” proudly!
Americans of our own time - minority and majority Americans alike - need the continued guidance that the Voting Rights Act provides. We have come a long way, but more needs to be done.
— Elijah Cummings

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Ari Berman, Author: Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America  

Dale Ho, Director of the ACLU Voting Rights Project

Eric Holder, 82nd Attorney General of the United States, Chair of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee

Kat Calvin, Founder of Spread the Vote

Marcia Johnson-Blanco, Co-Director of the Lawyers’ Committee Voting Rights Project

Jason Kander, President of Let America Vote

Wendy Weiser, Director, Democracy Program at Brennan Center for Justice