We get it. Calling your reps can be awkward. But it’s also super important. So here are some pro-tips to help you get in the swing of things.


Lucky us! Right now there are myriad guides swirling around the interwebs which will tell you just what to call about, sometimes what to say, and often even who to call. These tools make it really easy to wield your citizen power. Here are some of our faves:


It’s a good idea to have phone numbers for your city, county, state, and federal representatives on hand. House, and US Senate representatives can be found pretty easily, but you’ll have to employ Google and some smarts to put together the rest of your list. Be sure to include Speaker of the House and Paul Ryan and Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell too. Once you’ve got everyone, put them into your phone under ACTION. That way when you go through your calls you can just pop down the list and be done pretty quickly.

If you need to address a specific Senate Committee with your calls, we’ve got you covered with these handy-dandy links...


Unless you’re really a pro, we suggest jotting down a few things that you want to say. It just makes it easier when the ringing stops and you have to open your mouth. Here’s a basic idea…

  • “Hi! I’m [    ]. I’m a constituent from [zip code], and I’m calling to urge [ Senator or Rep]  to vote/stand with/block/speak out against [issue x]. It is important to me because [         ]. Thank you.

Remember, you can also call your reps to thank them for a job well done! Especially if you have Republican reps who have gone against the majority of their party.

  • “Hi! I’m [    ]. I’m a constituent from [zip code] and I just want to thank [ Senator or Rep]  for voting/standing/speaking for/against [issue x].  It means a lot that you listen to your constituents.
  • To add for GOP Reps and Senators: I appreciate that you vote/spoke with your conscience and with the communities you represent in mind, regardless of party politics.


Heck yeah it does! Our representatives work for us! So we need to tell them what we want. Call when you can, as much as you can, for as long as it takes.