Take Action. Take Care.
Because the political is personal

The Trump Administration moves so fast, activists are already experiencing burn-out. We’ve never had to do so much activism on so many fronts, in so little time, with such high stakes.

We know we have to do this one step at a time, and the steps won’t get any easier, which is why we want to make sure that we’re taking good care of ourselves and each other.

Take Action. Take Care. is an online resource where we connect political and personal action items with targeted self-care that will ready you for another week of resistance.

For example, if a suggested political action is writing letters against the Keystone Pipeline, the personal action might be to reduce your carbon footprint by using public transportation more. The self-care item might be to eat vegetarian for the day and encourage your family to do the same.

By providing people with smaller, more personal action items, we seek to help people focus their political action on both long-term and immediately achievable goals.

In linking action with self care, we encourage people to take care of themselves in order to reduce burnout and keep our activist friends going for the long haul.

Because you can’t keep kicking ass if you’re too tired to tie your shoes.