1) Experience some combination of outrage, disbelief, amusement, and horror at Comey's firing, and the ramifications for the investigation into Trump/Russia ties.

2) Use one (or both) of these 5 Calls guides to gall your reps and give them what for…

3) Use the Indivisible Guide's "Recess Toolkit" to plan your congressional town hall appearance or office visit.

4) If your reps are already on board, send them a thank you note letting them know that you support their commitment to independence.

5) Tell all your people to do the same.


Susan Hennessey @Susan_Hennessey
Lawfare Managing Editor, Brookings Fellow, Former IC attorney.

Adam Goldman
NYT reporter covering FBI and national security issues


Keeping up to date with news about the bizarre and dangerous things happening in Washington (like Comey’s ousting) sometimes feels like a never ending slog through an avalanche of emotionally draining shit.

This week we’re challenging you to give yourself permission to recenter and recharge with a short break away from news and social media. Take a walk, find some cute internet cats, pinterest a dream vacation, play a relaxing game, or check out Buddhify for some meditation guides. The NYT also recently published a medication guide that was super helpful. The revolution will be here when you get back.

We’ve curated an awesome list with info and activities to help find your self-care groove.

I simply said to him, ‘Mr. President, in all due respect, you’re making a very big mistake,’” Mr. Schumer recalled at a hastily arranged news conference Tuesday evening. “And he didn’t really answer.
— Sen. Chuck Schumer

From Issue 13, May 15, 2017