ONE: When public pressure, and large impromptu protests led to the temporary lifting, and eventual overturn of 45’s illegal and racist travel ban twice. That pressure also helped speed the release of legal residents who had been unlawfully detained for hours at airports across the US.

TWO: When citizens contacted their representatives to voice their strong opposition to the American Healthcare Act aka Trumpcare aka Ryancare, and the bill was DOA.

THREE: When public pressure lead to Jeff Sessions recusing himself from investigations into Trump/Russia ties.

FOUR: When outrage voiced to Democratic leaders over his incompetence and unethical behavior lead to the removal of Devin Nunes, Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee, as lead investigator into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

FIVE: When citizens flexed their muscles to their representatives and thwarted Congressional GOP efforts to quiety dismantle the bipartisan Ethics Committee.

SIX: When, after it came to light that he had been dishonest in his account of dealings with Russia, Mike Flynn resigned.

SEVEN: When Democrats won local Republican seats and ran close races in long held GOP districts like Georgia’s 6th and Kansas’ 4th. One Republican congresswoman, Beth Fukumoto from Hawaii, chose to flip parties, joining the Democrats.

EIGHT: When, thanks in part to observant resisters and Sleeping Giants who mobilized on Twitter, Breitbart, the alt-right mouthpiece with the President’s ear, continues to lose ad revenue, including the eminent pullout of big money holdout, Amazon.

NINE: When Bill O’Reilly was ousted from his job because people were pulling their ads from Fox.

TEN: When Utah Republican, Jason Chaffetz got berated so badly at townhalls and then saw that his Democratic opponent had already raised a lot of attention and money to run against him in 2018, he decided not to run again.  Now, Chaffetz talks of not finishing his term, a move that has raised lots of questions.