ONE: When Greenpeace hung a 70’ “RESIST” banner from a crane behind the WH

TWO: When people started showing up for civic engagement. Like at Jason Chaffetz's disastrous Town Hall. Like people calling and writing their reps in the house and senate.

THREE: When people flooded airports nationwide by the thousands to protest 45’s illegal detention of passengers, and his dangerous travel ban.

FOUR: When Sally Yates' instructed the Justice Department not to defend 45's immigration-related executive order in court.

FIVE: When American Muslims declared that “Every person deserves to rest in peace” and raised money to rebuild a Jewish cemetery which had been vandalized by antisemites.

SIX: When 45’s dismal and falling numbers showed us that folks are starting to wake up to the terrible nonsense happening in the White House.

SEVEN: When seventeen House Republicans, many major U. S. corporations, and even Defense Secretary Mattis voiced concern about 45's plans to undermine national actions to address the reality of climate change.

EIGHT: When the news started rolling in that the Women’s March had drawn millions worldwide, and would be counted as the largest single day protest in US history.

NINE: When the cast of Hamilton addressed words of resistance to Mike Pence during a curtain call of the history-making Broadway show.

TEN: When people put their money where their values are with record donations to organizations like Meals on Wheels, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood (made in the name of Mike Pence).