ONE: When Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Consequence, and Anderson Paak performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards

TWO: When Saturday Night Live killed it with their political satire, featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer (having Spicer played by a woman did NOT sit well in the WH), and the always brilliant Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway.

THREE: When musical artist MILCK brought together women from across the country to sing “I Can’t Keep Quiet” in striking harmony at the D.C. Women’s March. Inspired by her art, protest choirs have been springing up all over the place.

FOUR: When Kristen Visbal’s statue of a Defiant Girl striking a power pose appeared facing down the statue of a mighty bull near Wall Street. A powerful reminder of what strength can look like, and what bodies can wield it.

FIVE: When our late night comedians got it right, like Samantha Bee’s brilliant rapid fire commentary on her program Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB), or John Oliver’s sardonic summaries on Last Week Tonight (@LastWeekTonight).

SIX: When artists and designers created beautiful protest posters, and postcards (here, here, and here) and shared them for free.

SEVEN: When folks made great resistance podcasts like Pod Save America and great educational refreshers for civic engagement like Civics 101.

EIGHT:  When the anti-Trump protest play 'Building the Wall’ by Robert Schenkkan become wildly popular in the L.A. theatre scene.

NINE: When artists took to the streets, literally, with these badass examples of resistance art.

TEN:  When wildly popular old-school musicians like Bruce Springsteen unveiled his anti-Trump anthem “That’s What Makes Us Great” in front of screaming fans, or like when Joan Baez quietly posted this ditty to her Facebook page.